Pygar is a sensorial experience, more than an intellectual one, which function is the total integration of those latent energies/forces within us all; it is the result of the passion for combining sound and image with technology, experimenting, and the search for our "self".
The performance evolves with no directives to follow, everything is spontaneous.
Sounds/images presented, in normal conditions, would never reach our ears/eyes.
Superficial textures of slow hashing are created, involving repeated actions or minimal gestures gradually developed; art and technology are matched - mediating, inductive and activating tools of experiences - to rearrange dreamy vestiges; editing/manipulation processes and new relations between sound and image are explored - the symbiosis between sound and image, connecting and manipulating music/video in real time.
Pygar is in permanent evolution as a concept of sound and image...


Our videos have been screened in festivals like Transmediale and Art-Ort (DE), lovevideo, videolisboa, ovarvideo, MadeiraDIG, EME, STFU (PT), Macfest, +VIDEO, ESTAMPA and Störung (ES), Némo (FR), PI Video Festival Szczecin (PL), Chroma (MX), Rosario Digital Art Festival (AR), CeC & CaC at India International Centre New Dehli (IN), Victory Plaza in Dallas, Texas; Bronx Art Space, NYC (USA), Enter Caravasara (TR), etc.
We’ve also performed alongside names like Scanner, Tim Hecker, Kangding Ray, Fennesz, Mikael Stavöstrand, among others.