"On_Off" will be exhibited @ ESTAMPA - Feria Internacional del Arte Múltiple Contemporáneo, Madrid, Spain, 20-24 October, 2010.
Also @
+VIDEO, Gran Canária, Spain.

On_Off has been exhibited @ {SØNiK} Fest 2.0, Bronx Art Space, New York, USA.


João Ricardo and Hugo Olim participated in a colective of 16 laptopers for the EME.LL event on the 22nd of November, 2009.
More info on the event and festival @
olhares de outono 2009.
here and here.


Streaming festival
interview with João Ricardo.

Streaming Festival has selected one of our videos for online screening.
The festival's 3rd edition started in October 2008.

Pygar has been accepted into the
digital media festival!
A performance was scheduled for the 10th of October, 2008, in
Passos Manuel, Porto.
Rui Pinheiro shot the evidence:


Hugo and João performed in Vila do Conde on the 26th of April 2008 at Solar de S. Roque with Pedro Maia and Phoebus.
The two concerts closed the exhibit by Olim + Maia.
More info

A big thanks to Inês Dias for the EME photos ( ;

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We'll perform in Palmela the 5th of October '07 opening for
Tim Hecker.
Here's the EME Festival program + more info.

“on_off” will be exhibited at the XIV bienal de cerveira, Portugal, from august 18th to september 29th, as part of the "what is watt?" collective.

CologneOFF II will be screened on Enter Caravasarai (a 4 day festival in Istanbul, Turkey - 27-30 June, 2007) and with it the video On_Off.

Pygar performed at the RDP Madeira auditorium, Funchal, Madeira island, on May 12th.
Here's a photo by Alexandre Santos:


New video clip "e ela, não vem?" released by Sinergy-Networks. Check the "Works" page.

Pygar performed at the Störung festival in Barcelona, Spain, on May 4th.
The line-up for that day was:
Kangding Ray, Asférico, Pygar.
More info
Footage of the performance


Pygar played on March 23rd, in Porto, as part of the
STFU festival @ Fábrica de Som.
You'll find some photos of the event in
Mark Murphy's flickr page or at the enough records website; the photos are by Luiz Soncini.
Here's one:


Victory Plaza is located at the South entrance to the American Airlines Center, near the corner of Olive Street and North Houston, Dallas, TX, USA. If you're around keep an eye out for the Fish Music video clip.

On_Off will be screened at
CeC & CaC at India International Centre New Dehli/India 9-11 February 2007, which is organised by Shankar Barua, director of The Academy of Electronic Arts New Dehli.

Pygar performed in Cinema S. Jorge for the
Número-Projecta festival, in Lisbon.
Photos by Luís Cardoso & VJ Oxyodo.




The video "onoff" is now online for the 2nd edition of cologne online film festival and offline on occasion of PI
Video Festival Szczecin/POland recently 20-22 October at Officyna Art Space and National Museum Szczecin.
The 2nd screenings will take place in the framework of CHROMA - Festival de Arte Audiovisual, Guadalajarra/Mexico - 11-17 November 2006 -
and the 3rd manifestation will be featured on the 2nd Festival of Digital Art Rosario/Argentina - 16-18 November 2006.

Cologne off ll stands under the theme of "image vs music" and includes 34 digital short films and videos curated by agricola de cologne. Download the pdf catalogue.

onoff on_off

We've got our space at myspace.com:

Pygar went back to the Azores, this time to Faial, for a live-act and workshops on the 19th and 20th of May.
The spot: Centro do Mar (Fábrica da Baleia), Horta.
The photographs were shot by
Manuel Fernandes. Thanks a million!









We were in Cabo Verde for two gigs (on the 21st and 22nd of April) and to give workshops on live audio and live video manipulation (on the 20th and 21st of April).
One thing can be assured, it was hot!
We'd like to thank Angie Marques for the only photographic evidence of the gig. Big thanx ; )


Pygar's work will be screened at the
art-ort festival in Heidelberg, Germany.

Pygar's last performance was on the 6th of March in Las Palmas, Spain, on the opening day of the
The pictures were kindly taken by Celso Vieira.




Here's the link to Pygar's podcast at the iTunes Music Store.

The "On_Off" video will be screened within the
Transmediale.06 film and video program.
If you wish to see it on the big screen, check this
link for details.

Here's a photo by Carina Ferreirinha (Play Madeira Music) of the gig at RDP Madeira/MadeiraDIG:


Here are a couple of photos by Javier Torón (gracias amigo):



Time for another performance! This time it'll be at the
MadeiraDIG festival, Funchal, Madeira island.
The festival will run from the 5th of December to the 31st of January.
Here's the program:

7, 21.30H, Auditório da RDP-Madeira Music Lab (Madeira), NNY (Madeira).
8, 21.30H, Auditório da RDP-Madeira LB^LC (+0, visuals by Tense Vision), @C + LIA (Portugal / Austria), Hecker + Tina Frank.
9, 21.30H, Auditório da RDP-Madeira
Ruinman + Redo (+0, visuals by G), Pygar and Fennesz.

Stay tuned!

Pygar were in the Azores (Terceira) to give a live audio/video workshop and a gig on the 4th and 5th of November, respectively.
Here are some pictures of the projections at
Carmina Galeria.





Three new videos released for the Sinergy-Networks spanish label. Go to "WORKS".

The On_Off video is among the selected works for the
videolisboa #5 video festival.
It'll be from the 7th to the 18th of September.
See you then!

Pygar have performed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the 18th and 19th of March. Photos of the events @
+0. Check'em out!

Last performance was in Contagiarte, Porto, on the 30th of April, as part of the
lovevideo festival.
Here are some pictures of the event, kindly taken by Cesário Alves.

pygar@lovevideo 05 y

pygar@lovevideo 05 f

pygar@lovevideo 05 zd

pygar@lovevideo 05 p